Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Dear Boss,

Dear Boss,

When you hired me, you hired me to provide top notch patient care. I do that. I love that. I love every aspect of my job. There is nothing more fulfilling to me than taking care of those in their last days. With that said, I challenge you to interfere with my patient care. Patient care is ALL that I am about.

Here are some things for you to consider:

1. My patients come before laundry, cleaning toilets and any other house keeping chores, period. DO NOT expect me to drop the hand of a dying patient and walk away to wash or fold a load of laundry. That laundry can wait, my patient wont.

2. Don't expect me to stop feeding a helpless patient just because they are taking a bit longer and the trays haven't been returned in sufficient time. I will return the trays at MY PATIENTS CONVENIENCE, not that of the kitchens. The only reason that we have a kitchen staff is because we have patients and the patients come FIRST.

3. Do not threaten to write me up for not taking my breaks on time. I will not leave the side of a fall risk patient until I am satisfied that they are safe. I will take my breaks at MY PATIENTS convenience. Thank you very much.

4. Don't preach to me about patient safety when I have come to you several times about alarms not working and you have done nothing to ensure that they get fixed. And don't ask me why the patient is lying on the floor with half of the alarm still attached and why it never went off. I told you why, fix the problem. I am within inches of inviting a state safety investigation.

When I hired in, you were impressed by my will to advocate for my patients. You expect me to keep up my end of the bargain and I expect for you to keep up with yours.

Thank you,
The Patients Advocate


Epijunky said...

I'm grateful that you're there for them. I don't know how often your patients tell you, but they're grateful as well.

Really, they are.

pinky said...

Welcome to the excruciating frustration that is patient care. And welcome to the Management who speak one thing and do another. Yes, they want you to be an advocate for your patient, until it becomes inconveinient for them.

In the future, I welcome you to speaking to a Manager who, after you have worked all night short staffed and resus, stat sectioned, intervened to keep everyone alive, asks you why you didn't sign this piece of paper back in June of 1982? You have to start laughing about this sh1t of you may start crying. So just remember your Manager is the spawn of evil and that is their job. Every stupid miniscule detail is of utmost importance to them. I have convinced them I am insane and they avoid me like the plague. I suggest you do the same. OR call DPH which ever works for you.

CoryTraumaRN said...

KUDOS to you! And I agree with what pinky said. It's sad but true......
Just continue to advocate for your patients because in the end, that is what matters........

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