Monday, May 5, 2008

Hey, guess what....I got a job!

Yes I did! My first job as a CNA! WoooooFreakingHoooo! I am so geeked. I applied at our local hospice and they called me today and welcomed me on board. I can't wait to start work.

It dawned on me earlier, I have no idea what my pay will be! I don't really care, I want the experience. This is an important part of my journey. Wow, I''m employed!


pinky said...

That is fabulous! What area of the Hospital will you be working in?

crazyrn2be said...

Hey Pinky!

Not a hospital, hospice. Most of our hospitals wont take you unless you have 6 months to a year experience in LTC, at least the ones around here. I also talked to a neighbor that is a nurse at one of the local hospitals and she said that our hospitals would rather hire nurse externs. But thats ok, I really had my sites set on this hospice.

pinky said...

That is wonderful. I imagine you will learn a lot at the hospice. Good luck with that.

Scott said...

So, that is really good. But you do realize that you are going to be crying a lot with that job, right? Oh, speaking of hospice--did you read my post called "Mercy" on my Greatest Hits?

pinky said...

I think the hospice will help prepare you to chat with folks about bad news. And bad news is part of being a Nurse. I think hospice is a very, very good place to learn communications skills that you can take with you anywhere.

Neumed said...

Every experience is a good experience one way or the other.

Wow, I'm so deep.

I must be tired. ;)

Oh, before I forget, congrats on the new job!

crazyrn2be said...

Thanks Scott, Pinky and Neumed. I am tickled about getting this job! There are a few concerns with it being hospice and all. I just hope I can keep from being all sappy and weepy and be able to do my job. I have dealt with the death of many ferrets, but not with people.

And yes Neumed, you are deep! LOL